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ENT is an acronym for Ears, Nose, and Throat. There is an ample amount of population of patients suffering from ENT problems and hence it is not surprising to see it as a common experience of health concerns to ears, throat, and nose. However, the doctor will always address issues by the diagnosis of your symptoms, discomforts, pain, and problems. Kasturi hospitals has the best ENT in Hyderabad, which offers niche treatment for all ENT problems. Stuffy blocked noses, sore throats, and clogged ears cause a lot of disturbances to our daily lives. ENT specialists can immediately address the problem and ask for a specific diagnosis after consultation. Ears, nose, and throat disorders can be from mild to severe for an individual at any age. Apart from delivering medical care to ENT problems, our ENT experts can perform surgeries if needed or as per the diagnosis and severity of the case. Problems pertaining to ENT are sinus, child's swimmer's ear, sleep apnea, headache, blocked ears, and many more. However, there are some cases that are more severe than them. They are throat cancers, blocked airways, and delicate ear layers. Our ENT doctors are professionals in this medical field with intensive training and evidence-based treatments. Our paediatric ENT specialists deal with children's problems with great care and thoughtful medication all the time. This is because our team of ENT specialists know that children are more susceptible to ENT problems at any point in their life. Hence, at Kasturi hospitals, we are available to you and your children at any time of emergency.

What ENT conditions do our experts treat?

Our general otolaryngologists or ENT specialists have no boundaries or limits in this field and are ready to take up any simple to complex condition from infants to adults of any age. Our department has the best ENT surgeons in Hyderabad, who are specialised in treating various subspecialties of ENT such as ear, nose, throat, neck, head, thyroid, facial plastic reconstructions, sleep disorders, and all ENT defects of paediatrics like development delays, airway blockages, allergies, asthma, tonsils, infections, nose blockage, head and neck problems, and many other diseases. The most common problems that should not be ignored are Ear problems if continued for more than a week, it does need the best ear specialist to treat the underlying problem, as there are chances of operation. Also, sinuses are one of the most common problems that need immediate consultation with an ENT doctor, if the issue causes difficulty for more than 2 months. Issues related to neck and throat are again throwing you at risk, get the best ENT specialist consultation as soon as possible.

What do our ENT specialists do?

Kasturi hospitals has the well-equipped and best Ent in Hyderabad, where neck, nose, ear, head and throat problems are treated and managed with utmost care. Here are some problems our ENT specialists treat:

  • Adenoids and tonsils
  • Hearing
  • Sinuses
  • Mouth
  • Thyroid
  • Larynx
  • Ear surgeries
  • Reconstructive surgeries on the face, head, and neck
  • Ear tubes
  • Vocal problems
  • Balance problems
  • Allergies
  • Paediatrics
  • Swallowing issues

If you or your children seem to be experiencing any kind of discomfort related to the ear, nose, head, neck, or mouth, such as persistent chronic throat problems, unable to hear, nose infection, sinus issues, tonsillitis, and fever due to these problems, it is better to seek medical attention without delay by consulting our ENT experts for the best treatment available for your concerns.

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