Children are active and agile all through their age of growth. The physical activity of the children often makes them prone to many injuries, especially the ones that are concerned with orthopedics. A child may not respond in the same way as the adult during their orthopedic treatment, hence arises special orthopedic concerns. The injuries or the infections that seize the active form of the child may not be communicated by them or may not even be understood by them. Here comes the need for a specialist who is well-versed with the child’s orthopedic care. Kasturi Hospital’s Pediatric Orthocare treasures highly qualified pediatric orthopedic doctors who address these unique needs.

There is often a sense of uncertainty and restlessness in the minds of the children during the treatment of injuries or trauma. But, our team of specialists knows how to deal with such incidents.

Treatments generally include all the family to support the child mentally.  We deal with a wide range of problems from injuries with broken bones to serious conditions which need more emphasis. They are:

  • Bow legs
  • Club feet
  • Fractures & broken bones
  • Sports and other injuries
  • Trauma
  • Tumors of the bone and joints

A customized care plan for treating a child’s injury is charted out by specialist doctors. As a parent, huge clouds of skepticism might flow through your mind but we understand that it has to do with the child’s injury concern. We care to be transparent to the family about diagnosis results and putting forward the treatment options in front of the family.

Dr. M.V. Sushanth(MBBS,MS Ortho,MSc Ortho (UK) Fellowship in Joint replacement & Arthroscopy)


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