The whole movement of the body is under the control of musculoskeletal system. It includes arm raising, jumping, running,etc. Even a small injury to this system may completely hamper the movement. Injury to this system is usually painful. At this point, an orthopedic surgeon is helpful. A surgeon focuses to repair every injury and hence reduce the painful condition. Some of the common problems, when orthopaedic surgeon is consulted are:

It is the most common condition faced by an orthopedic surgeon. A fracture can be described as a medical condition where the continuity of bones is disturbed. The reason may be severe injury, trauma, or stress. Fractures are often termed as broken bone condition. An orthopedic doctor diagnosis the depth of fracture and provides proper treatment.

Joint Injuries
An injury to the joint mainly leads to arthritis. The symptoms include severe pain, swelling, joint instability, and internal bleeding. Surgery is often opted by surgeon to cure this condition.

Sport Injuries
Sport injuries include sprains, strains, and heat exhaustion. The athletes or sports person are more prone to sport injuries. Arthroscopy treatment is mainly chosen by surgeons to treat sport injuries.

Tumors in bone are rare to appear. They mostly develop from cancer in other parts of the body such as lung, kidney,and thyroid. The tumors appear as large and painful mass. They cause a decrease in limb movement. So surgical methods are used to remove these tumors from the body.