What are the results of joint replacement?

Joint replacement surgery deals with replacement of injured joint with a new joint. It helps to relieve pain and improve movement. Hips and knees are usually replaced. After the joint replacement surgery, the patient is moved to recovery room for rest. Depending upon the condition after surgery, the patient may have to stay in hospital for few days or weeks. Initially, walker or clutches are used for walking. Weak muscles often causes temporary pain in the new joint for few months. This pain can be relieved using painkillers or medications.

For strengthening of the muscles, physical therapies are helpful. They are generally started from next day after surgery. The therapies include moderate exercises to help regain motion of joint. Thus person may return to normal daily activities and work in short period of time. Light or soft food is advised. The recovery time depends upon:

  • Activity level prior to surgery
  • Severity of physical damage.
  • Overall health.
  • Type of surgery opted.
    • Attitude to recovery process.