Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Department Of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic Surgery:

Plastic surgery is a specialization in medicine where it involves correcting or reconstructing some defects in the body parts without disturbing their normal functionalities. The plastic surgeon requires experience along with intensive training in this field to tackle the operation successfully without making them fail. If a patient wants or requires plastic surgery because of burns, scars, diseases, deformities, or disorders, dysfunctionality should be performed. To name a few, plastic surgeries are the repair of burns, reconstruction of the breast, vascular malformations, scar revision, spider veins, telangiectasia, and many more. Our doctors at Kasturi hospitals provide the best plastic surgery for the face and other parts and consult for the best advice from our experts.

Cosmetic Surgery:

Cosmetic surgery is a beautification surgery conducted and performed according to the patient's preferences, however, this field deals with the size, shape, and deformities of the parts to enhance the appearance and highlight confidence. The goal is to look better than being perfect, this surgery improves the beauty of the patient more than his/her previous appearance, but remember we are what we feel for ourselves!

Some of the cosmetic surgeries performed by our cosmetic surgeons are rhinoplasty, botox, cheek enhancement, breast enhancement, laser resurfacing, liposuction, skin rejuvenation, gynecomastia, and filler treatments

Our doctors at Kasturi hospitals have got their intensive training and acquired very minute details about plastic and cosmetic surgery, which made them collect years of proven experience in dealing with various types of treatments. Our plastic and cosmetic surgeons are experts in dealing with patients by giving them the right sedation and pain suppressants or anesthesia before treatment to ensure the patient experiences no pain during the process. Treatment at Kasturi hospitals can guarantee the best outcomes in the safest way possible. Our experts provide, actionable insights and care before surgery, during, and after the surgery as well to improve the quality and development of the treatment. Keep your expectations low, the results after surgeries do take time to reveal, and our plastic and cosmetic surgeons are never going to disappoint you, on a note, we at Kasturi hospitals, provides extensive and realistic surgeries at affordable cosmetic surgery cost. Get the top-class treatment from our best plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Hyderabad.


What do our plastic and cosmetic surgeons perform?

Our highly skilled surgeons are well versed in doing a wide range of surgeries like brow lifts, facelift surgery, facial plastic surgery, Korean plastic surgery, dual lips plastic surgery, nose surgery, eyelid lift, asymmetrical face surgery, facial cosmetic surgery, chin reduction surgery, breast reconstruction, arm lift, laser treatment, jaw surgery, chemotherapy, chemical peel, wound repair, fat removal, cheek lift, Botox injections, gender reassignment, hand surgery, facial nerve rehabilitation, ear constructions, laser hair removal, nasal valve, minimally invasive surgery and other plastic surgery for men and women, at low plastic surgery prices.

What surgeries can our Plastic and Cosmetic surgeons perform?

Apart from various types of facial and cosmetic surgeries, our experts are well trained to

perform other surgical procedures such as Cancer, lip cancer, head injuries, neck and head cancer, floor mouth cancer, facial deformities, tongue cancer, soft palate cancer, varicose veins, hemangioma, skin blemishes, lymphedema, suspicious breast lumps, breast cancer, wrinkles, mouth cancer, orbital fracture, melanoma, tonsil cancer, carpal tunnel

syndrome and many other regimens in the treatment that bring out effective and efficient solutions along with successful and early recovery

What do our doctors suggest post-surgery?

For the patients who have undertaken surgery, post-surgery is a crucial period because our expert doctors or surgeons advise having the combinations of the right medication to relieve you from pain and to let you recover soon with nursing support, follow-ups, necessary preventive or management measures, dietetics, and nutrition guidance, queries support, antibiotics and pain management tips, and many other tiny but important details about the post-surgery patient care.

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