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Orthopedic HospitalTo lead a quality of life is important in todays world. The right care at right time can make a huge difference in your life. The treatment for orthopedics is such a case and people often confused about getting right specialist and treatment on right time.

Though treatment for orthopedic doesn’t require inpatient hospital stay, most of the conditions can be managed by orthopedic consultant in hospital or clinic. Patients who need surgery does require thorough consultation with Orthopedic surgeon to decide if they need admission in hospital.

Why Kasturi hospitals Hyderabad a one stop destination for Orthopedic Treatment?

Patients receiving orthopedic treatment at Kasturi Hospitals are treated with same clinical expertise and most comprehensive medical technologies as our most complex cases.

Common Treatments at Kasturi Hospitals.

Joint Replacement – Total hip replacement, Total Knee replacement,Total shoulder replacement, Total elbow replacement, wrist replacement, Hand Joint Replacement Surgery, Ankle Joint replacement, Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement surgery.

Spinal Surgery Disc Surgery, Micro Surgery for Disc, Endoscopic Spine Surgery.

Arthroscopic Surgery Key Hole Surgery for disorders of Knee, Shoulder, Ankle and Elbow

Apart from above Orthopedic Treatments other common treatment include:

  • Therapy and Rehabilitation

  • Medications

  • Surgery

Joint Replacement Programme at Kasturi Hospitals

The stress of arthritis and joint pain can have a great psychological effects on ones life and this stress don’t need to compromise your quality of life.

At Kasturi Hospitals comprehensive total joint replacement are performed by specialist team lead by renowned orthopedic surgeon in India Dr Sushant M.V. Since the patient care begins with proper evaluation and education which continues through surgical therapy and follow up.

Arthroscopic surgery: Arthroscopic way gives doctors a chance to find and treat a number of joint problems with a small precision and lesser time recovery.

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