Trauma Care

Trauma care basically involves various services in different department. Trauma care is not designed to replace a hospital, even though trauma centres are an integral part of an hospital. It comprises of all the emergency department for minor injuries. The various services include the operating room, trauma resuscitation and assessment room, non-critical care unit, rehabilitation services & intensive care unit.
Intensive Care Unit (ICU): Patients who are severely injured are transferred to the intensive care unit. No more than two patients are cared by the highly trained nurses. It is available for 24 hours.
Rehabilitation: At times of severe injury rehabilitation is required either as an outpatient or in the hospital. Maximum level of function is regained with the help of early intervention.
Outpatient care / Follow-up clinic: Patients often receive an appointment at follow-up-clinics after being discharged from the hospital.
Family and social support: case management, social work, psychiatrists, neuropsychologists and pastoral care, are the various source of support services.
trauma care
Our prime services includes:


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