Fusion of joints

Joint fusion is a surgical procedure to regain the mobility and functionality of affected joint. This surgery aims to attach two or more bones on each damaged joint. This itself eliminates the pain-causing joint. Arthritis is the main pain causing condition which is treated with joint fusion. In addition to pain, swelling and joint stiffness is also noticed. Joint fusion can be done in any type of joints present in the human body. It is preferred for individuals who finds it difficult to undergo joint replacement.

Fusion-of-jointsAnother name for joint fusion surgery is arthrodesis. In this surgical process, bone grafting is employed. Bone is either taken from any other part of the body or from donor. These segments of bones are placed in between the bones to be fused. They serve as stimulating agents for bone fusion. The bones are kept in position using metal implants such as screws, pins or plates. They are also used to close the joints. As time progresses, the bones heal to combine as one single bone. It takes about 1-2 hours to complete surgery.

This surgery carries benefits such as enhanced stability and mobility, and long-permanent results. After surgery, the person is required to stay in bed-rest for few weeks. This fastens the healing procedure. Pain-killers and injections help to control surgical discomforts such as pain and swelling. Physical exercises also helps in joint recovery. It includes activities such as walking to restore joint movement. The surgery includes some risks during recovery. They comprise severe pain, injury to nerves, fusion failure, and infection. The recovery period is about 2-3 months.


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