spinal deformities corrections

Spinal deformities are becoming common these days. Commonly seen deformities are scoliosis, kyphosis, and spondylolisthesis. These deformities cause spine to look abnormal. They usually progresses slowly throughout life and often cause cosmetic issues also. Although the exact cause is not known but repetitive trauma and injury are assumed to be main causes. The affected person experiences weakness and pain in the spine.

spinal-deformities-correctionsProper diagnosis is essential to confirm the best treatment option. The non-surgical method mainly uses bracing procedure. It temporarily limits the symptoms of spinal deformities. The type and duration of brace depends upon the spinal severity. Braces helps to reduce pressure or stress on the spine. In some persons, medications and physical therapies are encouraged to improve spine flexibility and mobility.

In surgical methods, spinal fusion is done to stabilize the deformed spine. The spinal fusion method aims to join the vertebrae in the spine. It sometimes requires metal implants such as cages, screws, rods, or hooks to secure spinal bones. The surgical method often includes some risks such as pneumonia, bleeding, blood-clots, spinal damage, limited movement, and infection.

If surgery is done, then child should stay in bed for few weeks. The wound should be regularly cleaned and dressed. A proper rehabilitation program helps to improve the overall health of the child. It encourages the child to do normal daily activities without any difficulty.


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