Non surgical Treatment

Hip abduction

Children often experiences pain in the lateral part of the hip. It may be caused due to back pain or hip arthritis. However, in recent times, it is found that damage to abductor muscles of hip induces severe pain in the hip. This painful condition is known as hip abduction.Hip-abduction

The treatment begins after properly analyzing the test reports and medical history of the child. Non-surgical methods are usually opted for treatment. The non-surgical method starts with some modification in daily activities. It involves proper rest, heat an cold therapy, and physiotherapy. At the affected site, placing hot and cold packs alternatively provides temporary relief from discomforts. Prolonged hours of hip inactivity may enhance the pain and other symptoms. So in addition to rest, specific exercises should be included which improves health and strengthens muscles. This program should be strictly followed for a minimum of 6 months.

For some children, medications are prescribed to relief symptoms. The medications include pain-killers, injections or other antibiotics. They are, however, useful to provide only temporary state of relief. They are used in addition to physical therapy. Both of these programs tend to retain the mobility and functionality of hip. In severe cases of hip abduction, non surgical methods fail to provide required treatment. Surgery is chosen as treatment option in such cases.

Hip rotation

Any damage to the hip rotators in the body causes imbalance in the hips. This torn condition is known as hip rotation. It not only affects the hip but also induce pain and other discomforts in lower back and buttocks. In such condition, the muscles in the hip are forced to work abnormally. The hip rotation may result from injury or accident.

Many times, hip rotation is misdiagnosed as any other hip disorder. A wrong diagnosis can worsen the hip. So it is essential to properly analyze the hip condition and decide needed treatment measures. The most recommended treatment is conservative or non-surgical treatment. The weak muscles can be tightened by frequently using simple and gentle stretching exercises. Medications and hip massage also help to provide overall health and fitness. They tend to reduce hip discomforts. However, they have only temporary effects. In some cases, belt is used around the hip to attain stability. Sometimes, a sugary solution is also injected to relieve pain and provide stable hip.

The treatment program usually lasts for about 6 months. After the treatment is over, the hip gets aligned to normal position. Pain is relieved and no symptoms are found. Thus, without a need for surgery, the person is treated for hip rotation.


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