Slap lesion repair


The labrum of shoulder often suffers from various injuries. A common type of injury is slap tear. This condition affects the upper part of labrum. As a result, the severe pain and limited movement of shoulder is seen. The surgical method is greatly used to correct slap injury. The surgery is usually done in an arthroscopic manner.


The slap tear surgery is carried out under the effect of local or general anesthesia. An arthroscope attached with a camera is inserted through small incisions made in the shoulder. The images from camera help to guide the surgical instruments towards injured area. With the help of these tools, the damaged part of labrum are completely removed. In some cases, the torn part of labrum is re-attached using sutures or anchors. Stitches are provided over the incisions to close them. Proper dressing or bandages are then applied over the whole operated site.


To avoid shoulder movement, a sling is kept on the shoulder for about 2-4 weeks. It enhances healing and prevents further injuries. Cold packs can be applied on the surgery site to reduce swelling. The patient is encouraged for physical therapy program after the initial swelling or pain settles down. Gentle stretching exercises lowers the stiffness and limited movement of shoulder. The person can return to work after 3-4 months of surgery.


In most cases, complications are not experienced. Some possible complications are:

  • Stiff shoulder
  • Blood-clots
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Infection