Traumatic arthritis

Repeated trauma or blunt often causes abnormal motion of joint. This joint condition is known as traumatic arthritis. The main cause of traumatic arthritis is joint injury. It includes fracture, sprain, or physical stress. Pain, swelling, internal bleeding, joint instability, and tenderness are the commonly noticed symptoms.

Traumatic-arthritis Early diagnosis is useful to properly treat traumatic arthritis. The medical history along with certain diagnosis test help to confirm traumatic arthritis. The tests usually done are x-rays, CT scan, blood or urine tests. It helps to determine if the condition is mild or severe. Accordingly, the accurate treatment procedure is decided.

A wide range of options are available to correct traumatic arthritis. Medications including anti-inflammatory drugs or corticosteroid injections are highly popular to reduce pain and inflammation. This enables movement of joint. Specific exercises such as walking, are useful to regain improved muscle strength and fitness. Reducing excessive weight is essential to prevent pressure or strain on the joints. If all these procedures fail to treat traumatic arthritis, then surgery is chosen. The surgery mainly deals with methods such as reconstructing damaged joint, completely removing affected joint or replacing torn joint with a new joint. The condition of joint injury in patient determines the type of surgery required.

The treatment procedure is fully successful if some other measures are also used. These include proper rest, physical therapy, lifestyle modification, etc. Some risks involved during surgery are bleeding, abnormal joint alignment, and infection.


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