Difficulty in pregnancy! You are not alone! 15 % of couples are not able to conceive.
40% of females complaint of infertility. Males equally have the same % of complaints. A specialized doctor can suggest you the steps to be taken, when & how.
Kasturi, provides you safe and secure facility and a team of eminent doctors to evaluate and do the necessary services.
A transvaginal ultrasound is done to rule out problems like:
Any suspected ovarian problems like cysts
Problems related to infection
Menstrual cycle problems
Fibroids if any
Adenomyosis , endometriosis
20 among 100 couples will conceive in a months time. A 70 may conceive in six months time and 85 and 95 in a year or two subsequently.
Infertility means difficulty in conceiving. There are two types of infertility, primary, with those who never conceives and secondary, with people who are not able to conceive after their previous conception.
Female infertility can be caused with the following situations:
The eggs are not released or are not matured
The damage or blocked fallopian tube
Non development of the lining of the uterus
Lubricating mucus from the cervix (neck of the uterus) is hostile
Previous surgery for ovarian cyst
Previous infections
Similarly male problems may also lead to infertility. A thorough investigation is required to decide the infertility levels. A couple not able to conceive within a year of their marriage with an unprotected sex life can visit a doctor for more suggestion and investigations.