Individual counselling in sexually transmitted disease (STD), clinics will play a major role in preparing patients for STD/HIV screening, coping with variety of sexual disorders, conditions & sexual health promotion.

Discovering that you are having a sexually transmitted infection will trigger powerful emotions which can be hard to deal with.Speaking with counsellor trained in matters of the sexual health will help you cope.

Counselling & behavioral interventions also offer initial prevention against the STIs (including HIV), as well as against accidental pregnancies. These include:

  • Comprehensive sexuality education, STI & HIV pre- & post-test counselling
  • Safer sex/risk-reduction counselling, condom promotion
  • Interventions targeted at the key populations, like sex workers, men who are having sex with men & people who inject drugs
  • Education & counselling tailored to needs of adolescents.

In addition to this, counselling can also improve peoples ability to identify the symptoms of STIs & increases the likelihood that they will take care or promotes sexual partner to do so. Unfortunately, lack of the public awareness, lack of the training of health workers, & long-standing, widespread stigma around the STIs remain hurdles to greater & more effective to use of these interventions.

The counsellor will also work through any areas you are finding difficult & assist you in resolving any feelings which you find troublesome.A few sessions with the counsellor may also help you understand more clearly what you need to do & when it is best to do it & help you to gather the emotional strength to get through it.