Counselling is important for a lady before she gets pregnant to rule out complications. If she is planning to conceive, she can see a gynecologist ideally two months before planning to her pregnancy. In one sense, during this period you will get counseling and prepared to become a mother, a thorough medical check-up will be provided to rule out the complications and your doctor may ask for few tests/scan.

As we mentioned, a thorough & regular check-up before and during your pregnancy results, a healthy baby. You might be asked to start folic acid medication pre-pregnancy to prevent any neurological problems/anomalies in the baby.

At Kasturi clinic, we will make you comfortable by explaining you the procedures we follow for a pre-pregnancy check-up. This helps to rule out Thyroid disorders, any history of previous babies with problems like delayed milestones, congenital problem, physical or metabolic disorders and general health related issues. We also discuss family history to rule out any possibility of Diabetes, Genetic disorders etc. In case of recurrent pregnancy losses the doctor might ask you to do few extra tests to rule out conditions which might cause recurrent abortions. We also will help in adjusting the doses of medications which you are already having or to change the medications if required.

Counselling is equally important for women having epileptic seizures to manage their medication before conceiving. Here your gynaecologist may recommend you to switch over your drugs for the safety of your child. Women having cardiac problems and hypertension are warned and cautious of taking drugs which may harm the foetus.