Pregnancy is a boom to every couple. Such a condition shall be celebrated and a proper pre-pregnancy care should be taken before the conception in order to deliver the future baby without any problems. Some Pre-Pregnancy care tips are given before attempting conception. Kasturi gynecology hospital, provides pre pregancy care services in hyderabad, India

pre pregnancy care

Pre-conception visit

Every woman has to schedule an appointment with a Gynecologist for a Pre-pregnancy checkup. Personal, family medical history, present health are reviewed in the visit. If you are taking any medications and supplements before pregnancy, that may be advised to stop. Since they would store in the body fat and linger, it is advised to drop prior to the pregnancy.

Genetic Screening

In order to prohibit the inherited illness and condition, genetic screening should be done. Both the partners shall adopt genetic screening by giving either saliva or blood sample to give birth to a defect-free child.

Consume Folic Acid

It is necessary to take Folic acid 400 mcg daily at least for one month before you conceive and in the first trimester. Taking folic acid at the right time cut down the chances of neural-tubal defective birth such as Spina-bifida.

Healthy food

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will increase the nutrients levels in the body. It is advised to take more vegetables and fruits with whole grains, milk, orange juice and yogurt which have abundant calcium. Eating a variety of protein will make you nutritive with strength.

Maintain a healthy weight

Healthy weight makes the conception easy. Having a high or low BMI makes the pregnancy difficult. Women with high BMI have difficulties in delivery whereas low BMI women deliver the underweight baby. So, maintaining correct BMI helps to the healthy pregnancy very much.


A healthy exercise such as cycling, walking should be done at least 30 minutes in order to keep the physique flexible. Doing stretching exercises or yoga will make the body strong. Instead of going by lift, escalator, walkingAvoid infections down in the stairs is advised.

Avoid infections

Before trying pregnancy, the infections, if any, should be treated so as to save the embryo. It is better to avoid taking undercooked fish, poultry, unpasteurized soft cheese etc as they may contain some infectious organisms. Avoid drinking unpasteurized juices as it contains bacteria like E-coli. Keep your hands clean before cooking and eating. When working in the garden, wear gloves. It is recommended to take flu vaccine before conception. The flu fever has the tendency to develop pneumonia, preterm labor during pregnancy.

Do dental checkup

You should care about your dental health when preparing for pregnancy. The hormonal changes during pregnancy cause gum disease. Higher levels of estrogen and progesterone cause the gums to react differently to the bacteria in debris (plaque) results in swollen, tender and gum bleed. So, approaching the dentist for periodontal health before conception reduces the chances of gum disease.

Consider mental health

A depressed woman has the lower chances of getting pregnant. It has been medically advised that a woman who has depression or family history of depression must go for a psychological check-up. If you experience signs of loss of appetite, loss of energy, changes in sleep pattern, malaise then meet a psychiatrist to get a stress-free conception.