Epidural anaesthesia is a most effective and advance in pain management during the labor, which will ensures that a pregnant woman will have a comfortable labor. It is a regional anaesthesia in which the anaesthetic drug is been injected near the spinal cord in the spinal canal.

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  • In this, at the place of lower portion of the back, a fine plastic tube is been inserted with the medicine in epidural space.
  • After this, pain lowering medicines were regularly supplemented with the determined quantity with a help of infusion pump until the birth of the child.
  • From this, the sensitivity to the pains will disappears for some period of time, but the capacity of running motor fibres such as muscle remains active.
  • Since the mother can be cooperate in delivering child by applying her normal force. The women will get full relief from the labor pain.
  • She will remains by talking with full relaxation & she does not get the feeling that the mouth has fully opened up & the child is about to come outside. Even the family members will be surprised to see the child to be having been delivered without pain.
  • Unless it was experienced on self, it is very difficult to believe this smooth process.


  • Almost complete relief from the pain with patient being mobile
  • No postpartum headache for the spinal anaesthesia
  • Mother will be in conscious state & alert throughout the labor
  • An instrumental delivery will be performed under the same anaesthesia, if need arises
  • If the patient has to done for caesarean section, the effect will be topped up by the epidural catheter.