Mini Sterilization, tubectomy & vasectomy are 3 permanent contraceptive methods. They were suggested for the couple who choose they don’t have children in the future.


It is a surgical technique for permanent contraception. Tubectomy is the sterilization method for women & vasectomy is meant for men.


A permanent surgical technique of contraception in women is known as tubal recanalization or tubectomy. Tubectomy can be done by a laparoscopic surgeon, gynecologist, or general surgeon. The method is also referred as tubal sterilization. The method is performed by cutting or blocking small portion of the fallopian tubes. Generally, it is not suggested for women:

  • who already had multiple abdominal surgeries in their past
  • Those with heart & lung diseases
  • Those who will suffer from the complications caused by anesthesia.

Most possible complications of the tubectomy are:

  • Injury to the abdominal cavity
  • Anesthetic complications
  • Surgical infections
  • Fallopian Tube damage
  • Ectopic pregnancies (very rare)


It is a permanent birth control method for men. This technique prevents the sperm release while ejaculation. This procedure involves cutting, clamping or sealing the vas deferens. Even after the method, there can be sperm in the ejaculate for some months. The individual will be asked to try for another temporary birth control method during this period.