Atubal ligationis been considered as a permanent method ofthe birth control. The fallopian tubes were cut or blocked, which preventsthe pregnancyby blocking the egg’s way to thesperm& uterus.Laparoscopyis a best method to make it possible to see & do the surgery by some small incisions in the abdomen.


  • For alaparoscopic tubal ligation, the doctor will makes 2 small incisions one in or just below belly button called as navel & one at upper edge of the pubichair.
  • The abdominal cavity, where reproductive organs are, is been inflated with the air or harmless gas that the doctor can see & avoid injuring abdominal organs or inside of the abdomen.
  • The doctor will insert a thin, lighted viewing tube called as laparoscope from the incision.
  • The laparoscope has a lens which will magnifies what the doctor is viewing. The instrument that the doctor uses to cut (ligate) the tubes can be inserted alongside of the laparoscope or from the incision just above the pubichair.
  • The surgeon will looks from the laparoscope while it is moving this instrument to get the tubes cut in a correct location.

Laparoscopic tubal ligation may leave small scars.Laparoscopyis a preferred method of surgery for the women who:

  • Who are healthy.
  • Are not overweight.
  • Do not have any abnormalities related to pelvic organs, have never had abdominal or pelvic operation, & never suffered with an infection of the pelvic organs likepelvic inflammatory disease.
  • Do not haveendometriosis.
  • Have not given birth to baby (one incision at navel is possible after the childbirth).