From the moment you known that you are pregnant till to the day you give birth, you will be experience so many changes & learn new ways of take care of yourself & your growing baby. Below are some of the first time mother tips:


Because you havent experienced labor before, you will find it hard to know if you are in labor. Before going to the hospital, call your doctor to discuss labor symptoms.


Some first-time mothers may experience a delayed and extensive period of early labor with a minimal to no change in their cervical dilation. This condition is known as “Prodromal Labor”. If this occurs, it is particularly important to

  • Alternate rest & activity
  • To keep hydrated
  • Maintain physical energy with light, high energy food


In active labor, the contractions will be less than 5 minutes apart, lasting for 45-60 seconds & the cervix dilated 3 centimeters or more.


Although inducing labor can be needed for some certain medical problems or prolonged pregnancies, induction for first-time mother may carries additional risk. Induction of labor for the first-time mother, (particularly with a cervix which is almost closed), doubles or triples length of the labor & possibility of cesarean birth.


Pain is very natural part of the labor & every woman is quite unique in their level of pain she can tolerate. Women also have differing success with kind of activities or interventions which can help to decrease their labor pain & increase their comfort. 3 types of activities & interventions: comfort measures, medication, & regional anesthesia.


For some women, as labor progresses & contractions become stronger or they will get too tired to cope, comfort measures no longer will provide enough relief. Pain medications were so commonly used at that point, & physician will also explain the benefits of each and every type & will help you to select the appropriate medication which is safe for you & your baby. You can discuss medications in advance of the labor with doctor or midwife.Medication will not totally eliminate the labor pain, but will helps to ease it so that you can be better rest & cope with the discomfort.


It is very important to hold the baby skin to skin in the first hour following by birth. This closeness will also assist with first breastfeeding experience.