High end scans during pregnancy

Fetal medicine department performs all necessary examinations of fetus (baby in the womb) which is required throughout your pregnancy.
To provide expert diagnosis and also to look into obstetric cases specific ultrasound examinations are done time to time during pregnancy.
Generally the following ultrasound is necessary during your 9 months of the fetus growth:
First trimester ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy, to date the pregnancy, to diagnose twin or triplet pregnancy etc
Nuchal translucency ultrasound (NT scan)
Level- b ultrasound-TIFFA scan
Growth scan
Screening facilities like, ultrasound screening, diagnostic tests like Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS), and Aminocentesis are done as per your doctors advice
With the help of Ultrasound, the doctor can evaluate fetus growth, the place of the placenta, the quality of amniotic fluid, and any anatomical abnormalities in the fetus. 70% of abnormalities can be detected through an ultrasound and 40% of light abnormalities also with which a child may be born known to be safe.
Mostly it takes 30-40 minutes, and at times they may ask you to wait, to allow the fetus to move into a favourable condition. The certain conditions diagnosed during ultrasound are studied thoroughly. The couple would be counselled about the diagnosis and the prognosis. Any further biochemical or invasive testing to be done would be offered. And an appropriate treatment is offered to improve the condition of the baby.