A woman can get pregnant if man’s sperm will reaches one of her eggs called as ova.

Contraception will tries to stop this episode to be happening by keeping the egg & sperm apart, or by stopping the egg production, or by stopping combined sperm & egg (fertilized egg) which will attach to the lining of the womb.

Birth control is any method which is used to prevent for the pregnancy. There were many different methods of the birth control which includes condoms, vasectomy IUDs, birth control pills, tubal ligation, the rhythm method.

Most types of the contraceptives work by:

  • Preventing egg from being released in every month (hormones)
  • Preventing the sperms from reaching the egg (barrier & some IUD methods)
  • Blocking the reproductive function in men or women (sterilization)
  • Preventing the fertilized egg from implanting in uterus (hormones)

There are various methods of contraception, including:

  • Long-acting reversible contraception, like an implant or intra uterine device
  • Hormonal contraception like contraceptive pills the pill, the injection & vaginal rings
  • Barriers methods, like condoms & diaphragms
  • Fertility awareness
  • Emergency contraception
  • Permanent contraception, like vasectomy & tubal ligation