Kasturi is well-known ensuring quality of maternity services for the women. The regular check-ups with a doctor during your pregnancy called as Antenatal care. Your wishes are discussed with himin detail which includes the difficulties you may face during your pregnancy & provide required awareness to make you comfortable.
antenantal care

Pregnancy is a happy & healthy time. A regular check-up and discussion makes you feel comfortable. You can ask any questions to your doctor like your diet, the feeling of prick and pain, the sensations etc. Regular check-up will help your doctor to identify problems during pregnancy like BP (Hypertension), High Sugar (Gestational Diabetes) and a scanning would help your doctor to know the growth of baby & related problems like anomalies etc. in the baby. You can start your antenatal care after visiting hospital once you are pregnant. This could be any time around 10-12 weeks of your pregnancy. During your visit, your doctor will ask you many questions about your health, your relationship with your husband, your family and living atmosphere, your diet etc. He/she will also explain the dos and donts.
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Your weight and blood pressure will be recorded, simultaneously, samples like blood and urine will be collected. While taking the history, the doctor will also note your allergic reactions towards specific drugs and your personal information as well. The doctor also may want to know, the periodicity of your menstrual cycle/time and any contraceptive pill you may have used. Your EDD (Estimated date of delivery) will be communicated to you once knowing your starting date of last period, and is usually calculated at 40 weeks of the date you shared. A dating scan can be done if you are not aware about the exact date of your last period started.

Take your pregnancy record each and every time you visit the doctor.