A Cesarean section is also called as C-section it is a surgery to deliver a baby. The baby will be taken out through the mother’s abdomen. Most of the C-sections are performed whenunexpected problemsare happen during the delivery. These include

  • Health problems to mother
  • The position of the baby
  • Not enough room for baby to go through the vagina
  • Signs of distress in the baby
  • When baby is breech position

C-sections are more common among women who are carrying more than one baby. The surgery will be relatively safe for the mother & baby. Still, it will be major surgery & carries of risks. It is also takes much longer time to recover from the C-section than from a vaginal birth. After healing, the incision will leave a weak spot in the wall of uterus. This may cause problems with a later attempted vaginal birth.

Your doctor may also recommend for certain blood tests before performing C-section. These tests will also provide the information about your blood type & your level of hemoglobin content, the main component of the red blood cells. These details will be useful to your doctor in the unlikely event which you need a blood transfusion during performing the C-section.