When a woman’s cervix are weak sometimes known as incompetent cervix, she is in a condition more likely to have the baby to born prematurely because cervix shortens or opens too early. So to prevent the premature labor, doctor will recommend a cervical cerclage.

A cerclage was used to avoid these early changes which are caused to a woman’s cervix, therefore preventing from premature labor. A closed cervix will helps a developing baby stay inside uterus till the mother reaches 37-38 weeks of the pregnancy.

Cervical cerclage helps to prevent the miscarriage or premature labor which is caused by cervical incompetence. This procedure is been successful in 85 – 90% of the cases. Cervical cerclage will appears to be effective when the true cervical incompetence exists, but regrettably the diagnosis of the cervical incompetence was very difficult & can be inaccurate.


The best time for cervical cerclage procedure is in the 3rd month (12-14 weeks) of the pregnancy. Even though, some women will need a cerclage placed later in the pregnancy, & is necessary after the changes like opening or shortening of cervix was already begun.


For most of the women who have general, spinal, or epidural anesthesia for the pain control during performing procedure. Doctor will stitch the band of strong thread around cervix & the thread will be tightened to hold cervix tightly closed.


  • You should stay in the hospital for at least 24hrs to monitor for the premature contractions or labor.
  • Immediately after the surgery you will experience light bleeding & mild cramping, which will stop after a few days. This will be followed by an increased thick vaginal discharge, which will continue for the rest of the pregnancy.
  • You will receive medicationto prevent the infection or preterm labor.
  • For 2 to 3 days after procedure was done, relax at home and avoid any unnecessary physical activity.