Best Adolescent Clinic

A transition from Childhood to Teenage is Adolescence. Physical and Cognitive development happens at this stage between the age of 12 to 18. At Kasturi, we provide all care for these adolescents. Our specialized team is expert in attending physical, emotional and social needs of young adulthood children.

We at Kasturi, properly diagnose, counsel and treat the relevant health issues that arise during this time. Generally parents seek help for their children having eating disorders, obesity, menstrual problems, addictions, headaches, stomach pain etc.
Apart from psychological stress, over nutrition and required growth is a big concern now a days. Our team of expert provide suggestions to improve their health. At this stage we support the adolescent child and their families to make necessary changes to increase their awareness to health supporting activities.

We educate them what kind of nutrition and fitness/yoga to be followed, so that they can remain stress free. Also the kind of body image to be followed to overcome the melancholy.

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During this stage, it is difficult to change the teens because they disagree with the attitude or approach. Though the change is difficult and teens cannot do it by themselves the support of family members and the approach and understanding towards them has to be prioritized. Attending the suggested visits will answer all your anxious questions.
The first and foremost is allowing some privacy for your teen child. They feel comfortable when their requirements are respected. And because of this reason we often prefer meeting your child alone during your first visit, so also as and when it is required. During our approach we specifically request the parents to support us with relevant information.
We at Kasturi,best adolescent clinic look forward to support you and your teen child to achieve required health and wellness.