Explore the opportunities to work with the highly skilled and expertized healthcare legends of the industry.

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Join the future center of excellence for quality healthcare to work with the highly skilled and expertized healthcare legends of the industry.

For over 10 years, Kasturi’s doctors have strived in making the public healthier, happier, and stronger. From driving connected health to creating memorable experiences, everything we give our patients, clients, and customers would not be possible without our people. It all starts with you.

Kasturi Hospital has been relentlessly following the quality-driven systems and perfectly attached itself to the international standards when it comes to clinical care, safe environment, infection control, and also towards patient rights & privacy. The hospital brings about multi-disciplinary viewpoints with world-class infrastructure and technology. As a collective value, we enrich the quality of life of every patient who approaches us. While honoring our services, we deliver healthcare quality at the highest dimension to uplift human dignity and life.

Explore the Opportunities to grow and help grow at kasturi Hospitals. At kasturiHospitals , we don’t just work, we also learn as we do it and without a doubt have fun doing it! As a result of this, working at Manipal is an experience one looks forward to rather than just a job one reports to every morning.


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There are many reasons to choose Kasturi Hospitals. As you explore the options below, you might find the one i.e., most relevant with which you connect:

Our Expertise

Our reputation for outstanding clinical care and friendly atmosphere, together with continuous investment in technology and facilities ensures we attract prominent Doctors and Specialists to work with us. We work with healthcare specialists who are diversified in various specialties.

All our nurses are fully qualified and thoroughly trained and experienced to be able to act swiftly and accurately in any given situation.

Our Advanced Technology

At Kasturi Hospitals, we are committed to providing our patients with:

Kasturi Hospitals strive to be the leading provider of independent healthcare, excelling in the provision of quality healthcare services, and is committed to the highest quality standards of patient care.​

Kasturi’s approach to quality informs our daily decisions as we aim to continually improve and excel in all we do. This is evidenced by our reputation for high-quality performance and in ensuring that we continuously make improvements to the services we provide to our patients.

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