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March 27, 2019

A knee replacement surgery is performed to cure the damaged ligaments and cartilages that hold together the knee joint in the right place. These cartilages and ligaments help the easy movement of the knee joint. If any of these gets wear out or damaged, it creates friction in the knee joint and puts extra pressure on the joint which further results in bone damage. For severe damages, knee replacement surgeries are the only way out to fix the joint.

Total Knee Replacement Telangana

The knee has three compartments. If one of the compartments gets damaged, partial knee replacement is recommended but if more than one compartment gets damaged Total knee replacement is conducted. Obviously, in case of total knee replacement more soft tissue and bone dissection is involved than partial knee replacement. Therefore the recovery period is longer. 

The recovery Post-surgery 

Any kind of recovery depends completely on the patient’s immunity system and medical condition. It can take almost two to three months, to recover completely from a knee replacement surgery. Soon after the day of the surgery, patients are encouraged to begin ambulation with the help of a walker or orthopaedic devices. Pain-relief medications are provided to get relief from pain once the effect of anesthesia fades out.

The minimally invasive technique involves less blood loss and risks. Therefore the overall recovery procedure is faster. If you are under good hands, you can easily start slow walking or climb stairs by the end of the first week (note: It varies from patients to patients). Though one can start walking and perform daily activities within one month, still patients are strictly restricted from involving into any extreme movements like biking, sports, climbing mountains etc. As the new compartments installed are not completely steady, patients need to be careful for at least 6 months. Post-surgery Physiotherapy is also highly recommended to increase the mobility of the joint.

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