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June 12, 2018

Are you suffering from severe Hip Pain??? Hip Joint Replacement is a Surgical Procedure to Remove Damaged Joint and Replace with Artificial joints made with Metal or other Plastic Components.

Best Place for Total Hip Replacement Telangana

Kasturi Multispeciality Hospital helps you with safe and effective Total Hip Replacement surgery in Telangana with well-advanced technologies.

 Why Hip Replacement Surgery?

There are a number of causes that can lead to disease of the hip joint.The most Common ones are:

  •  Arthritis
  •  Tumor in the hip joint
  •  Accidents cause injury to bones or joint parts
  •  Pain on walking
  •  Reduction in General Mobility of Hip Joint
  •  Pathological Changes of the Joint

Hip Replacement Surgery Procedure

  •  Firstly, general anesthesia is given to numb the area to be operated
  • An incision is made along either lateral or posterior or anterior part of the hip
  • Arthritic or damaged bone is removed by inserting some surgical instrument
  • Replacement with prosthesis is done
  • Close incisions with stitches or suture
  • Braces or casts are also used to support the hip


After the Surgery

Less invasive techniques are opted both by the surgeon and patient as the recovery is less in them. After surgery, blood clot prevention measures are taken. The patient will be encouraged to sit up and even try walking with walker soon after surgery. During and after surgery the patient is instructed to wear an elastic compression stocking similar to a blood pressure cuff on the lower leg to reduce the chances of the blood clot so that due to the pressure exerted by the inflated sleeves keep blood from pooling in the leg veins and hence reduce the chances of the blood clot. They physician prescribe an injected or oral blood thinner after the surgery. Physical therapy exercises will help to regain the strength of joints and muscles.

Kasturi multispeciality hospital was established by Dr. M. Kasturi & Dr. Sushanth. Dr. Sushanth provides the best orthopedic treatment in Telangana. Kasturi hospital is well known for its high quality medical and surgical care customized for individual patients needs. Total hip replacement Telangana. Expert joint pain specialist in Telangana provides total hip replacement Telangana.

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