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January 1, 1970

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss or recurrent miscarriage is stated as the occurrence of three or more consecutive pregnancies involuntarily ends before the 20th week. This clinically recognized loss of pregnancy is determined by an ultrasound or after the pregnancy loss, the tissues will be identified.

What are the causes for recurrent miscarriage?

Most of the miscarriages happen due to genetic, chromosomal, abnormalities and random reasons. The abnormality may rise from sperm, egg or from the early embryo. Around 15 percentage of clinically recognized pregnancies end with the miscarriage. 50 Percentage of women wont realize about their pregnancy status. When there is previous pregnancy loss, the risk chances are more for recurrent miscarriage. Aging is the main cause for such problem because father or mother has slight abnormalities in their genes, so the offspring is affected heavily results to miscarriage.

Some women have a problem in the uterus and poor blood supply or pelvic inflammation leads to pregnancy loss. Hormonal imbalances such as thyroid, PCOS, diabetes and abnormalities in blood clotting can affect the pregnancy.


Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Treatment:

First of all the underlying cause for the recurrent miscarriage should be found out. If loss of pregnancy is due to thyroid and diabetes medications will be provided to suppress the issues whereas there is a problem in the uterus, the same will be rectified. If the antiphospholipid syndrome is diagnosed, certain medications will be prescribed to the reduce blood clot formation. If loss of pregnancy is due to genetical disorder then chorionic villus sampling (CVS), amniocentesis and In vitro fertilization methods are tried out.

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