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July 28, 2014

Defending Osteoporosis and Promote Bone health!


Most people think bones are lifeless and doesn’t grow. But the truth is that bones have life and are growing as we age. They are living tissues made up of three major components like collagen, calcium and living bone cells which makes them flexible and strong.

In children even if their growth came to a hault, they continue to make bones than they lose. It just continues to get denser till it reach to a position what experts call peak bone mass. Peak bone mass normally happens by the age of 18 to till 25. Higher the peak bone mass means lesser is the chance of getting osteoporosis or to break a bone.

Then what is Osteoporosis?

As one reaches the peak bone mass, the balance between the bone loss and bone formation tends to change. It means the more loss of bone than they form. Heavy bone loss happens in the midlife of ones life. In women it happens faster after menopause and when estrogen levels decreases.Osteoporosis occurs when one lose too much bone or make too little bone or both.

Not too late to protect your bones…

No doubt, understanding the factors which helps to boost the strength of bones is an important thing. Some of the factors are mentioned below:


Balanced Diet


Intake of enough calcium and Vitamin D.



Regular exercise makes the bones stiffer and healthier.

Consume lots of vegetables and fruits.


Avoid smoking.


Good news – Limit your alcohol to 2- 3 drinks per day.


When you come to learn first you have osteoporosis? May be after a diagnosis resulted from low trauma fracture. You may be frightened to hear initially. After this you may take extra measures to keep away from breaking bones. It results in avoiding the activities you enjoy in daily life. You might stop regular exercises. Its important to make sure osteoporosis doesn’t interfere your life. Try and cop up with the situation and continue the things you cherish. This is good to keep a good quality of life.

Its normal that people will fall into emotional factors like depression, appearance and self esteem with the bone loss. If one is diagnosed with bone loss or osteoporosis, it is important not to get affected with these factors.

Different types of medications are available one such is Antiresorptive medications that gradually reduces the bone loss and Anabolic drugs that boost the rate of bone formation.

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