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January 6, 2015


The area of body which is most succumbed to injuries is knee. Knee joint is a weight bearing joint that twists, bends and rotates and these motions increases the risk of Knee injuries and pain.

Causes of Knee pain and knee immobility

  • Knee Injury and Fractures
  • State of Rheumatic arthritis (inflammation of joint followed by swelling, pain, stiffness and Joint movements)
  • What is Knee Joint?


The thigh bone (femur) and shinbone (tibia) joins together to form knee joint. Knee Cap is the covering that protects knee joint. The joint is covered by joint capsule with ligaments that provides stability and strength to it.

  • Damaged Knee


Decay of cartilage leads to knee problems which results in severe pain and inflammation.

Causes of cartilage decay:

  1. Injury causes by trauma
  2. High Activity
  3. Diseases like Osteoarthritis, Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  4. Genetic factors
  • Importance of Knee Replacement


After knee replacement your quality of life will be improved and will be able to increase the knee joint motion.

  1. Less pain and great mobility.
  2. Able to perform daily work and low impact activities.
  3. Able to help you lead an independent and comfortable life.
  4. Considerable reduction or even elimination of pain with new knee joint.
  5. Enjoy longer pain free life.
  • Ready for Knee Replacement Surgery?

Medical evaluation will be conducted before the knee replacement surgery to examine your health. The evaluation will help to identify the conditions and factors that interferes the surgery.

Tests: you may need to undergo several tests to help the doctors to do the surgery.

Knee condition: Should not have external or internal skin affection on the outer part of knee. If any infection is there consult your surgeon.

  • Knee Replacement Surgery


Its a surgical procedure by which the affected knee joint is replaced with an artificial Knee.

During the procedure:

The lower end of the femur bone is removed with a metal shell covering.

The upper end of the lower leg bone is also removed and restored with a narrowed plastic part with metal stem.

  • Reovery


You will have to stay in hospital for few days and during your stay you will be helped by our health care team on recovery path.

If you experience any pain while on recovery time, feel free to contact our doctor.

Walking will help you to recover and help you to move the joint. You should begin light exercises after your surgery.

  • Recommended Exercises after Knee Surgery
  1. Physical Exercises
  2. Swimming
  3. Straight leg exercises
  4. Knee Straightening exercises

Please note that the exercises should be instructed by your physiotherapist.

Why Kasturi Hospitals for  Knee Replacement in Hyderabad?

Kasturi Multi Specialty Hospital is one of the leading hospital specialized in Orthopedic Treatment in Secunderabad, Telangana. The service of eminent orthopedic and Sports medicine Surgeon Dr Sushant M.V makes this Hospital Famous. His extensive knowledge and expertise in handling orthopedic cases makes the hospital different from others in the city.

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