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December 30, 2015

Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint Replacement surgery is the best option for replacing the damaged bone and placing new one. The artificial Joint can be made of metal pieces, ceramic devices or with plastics are known as prosthesis. easily movable and healthy joints are resulting by the prosthesis design.

Kasturi multi speciality hospital offers common forms of joint replacement includes Knee, hip and shoulder also performing joint replacements on elbow, ankle and wrist etc. DR.M.KASTURI is one of the best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Secunderabad provides painless affordable and fast cure treatments.

When is total joint replacement is recommended?

Some of the chronic conditions that cause joint pain and disability :

  • Stiffness in different joints
  • Hip displacement
  • Joint firm
  • Rough Hip Length
  • Blood clots in joints
  • Infections

In some of the cases joint pain is caused by the damage in cartilage by the effect of arthritis, fracture or some of the other condition too. Your Doctor will recommend replacement only for the injured or damaged part , not removing the whole part of the joint.

Surgical Procedure..

The Joint replacement surgery can be take place within a few hours. During the time of surgery the damaged part of the cartilage is replaced with a new bone made up of metal ,ceramic and plastic components of the prosthetic components. The prosthetic joint can be shaped like a natural joint.

Long-Term Outcomes

The vast majority of Joint replacements can be done within a days and the patient can perform daily activities with the joints and feel better without pain. majority of the patients after joint replacement from Kasthuri Hospitals improved the motion, strength and pain at very affordable with Joint Replacement Surgery Hyderabad .

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