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January 15, 2016

Joint Replacement is an operation to replace the damaged parts or a joint. After these surgeries the patient forgets about the pain in the joints and back to active life. The Joint Replacement Surgery can be done on knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and other small joints .

Diseases which leads to Joint Replacement includes all types of arthritis and osteoarthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis, Quiet hip disease, Intra articular fractures, Nearthroses, Hip Dysplasia, and Hip fracture.

Joint Replacement surgery can be done in two ways, complete (total) and incomplete (partial) according to the health of joints. Partial arthroplasty Replace only with replacement of worn parts, such as bones of the head or the glenoid cavity. Therefore, such an operation is called hemiarthroplasty. Unlike unipolar prosthesis for total replacement of the entire prosthesis produced in the joint prosthesis. The most common Joint Replacement surgery’s are no serious complications and allows almost all cases ensure the recovery of motor activity of the patient, and save you from many years of pain.

Common Joint replacement Surgeries are

Hip replacement : surgery, which aims to return the movable painless joint on your hip which allows you to return to a familiar life.
Knee Replacement : Very precise surgery, which aims – to give you back a painless movable joints, allowing return to the familiar life. Knee replacement is necessary when the destruction of the knee is so great that the interference that preserves the joint, no longer makes sense
Shoulder Replacement : Effective and often the only way to restore lost limb function. As a result of this operation restores all the functions of the shoulder joint and shoulder pain disappear.
Wrist Replacement : The arthroplasty of the wrist joint is performed to improve mobility in the joint and reduce the severity of pain symptoms in various degenerative diseases. Usually, this operation makes people middle-aged and older patients for whom the restoration of the wrist joint will have a significant positive impact on quality of life.
Replacement of the foot : As a result of various diseases of rheumatic nature, as well as a manifestation of flatfoot may occur deforming arthrosis, dislocation or stiffness in the metatarsophalangeal joints of the foot. This leads to the restriction of movement and pain in the fingers. As an independent operation or as a stage of correction of flatfoot, the Centre carried out a unique operation – metatarsophalangeal joint replacement.
Replacement of ankle joint : The replacement of the articular surfaces of the ankle joint with an artificial one. It is a high-tech operation, which is performed to improve mobility in the joint. Usually done in people with low physical activity and elderly patients.

After surgery you need to take rest for 1.5 – 2 months. After the swelling has subsided and reduce pain with replaced joint, patient can walk or move with gradually increasing the load. For most patients, the main problem is the restoration of active and passive movements of dorsiflexion.

We Kasturi Mutispeciality Hospital and our Joint Replacement specialist Dr. Sushanth M V offers you advanced care on Joint Replacement in Secunderabad. Our doctor will help you always to clear your doubts and pain over any joint replacement or other orthopedic issues. Feel free to contact us and ask your questions to us.

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