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Date : 22/12/17

A Herniated disk is a common condition in spinal cord area that can be highly painful and debilitating. It is also known as disk prolapse or slipped disk. The condition of the herniated disk may occur when some soft interior slips of the spinal cord are come out from a crack in the disk wall. This release of soft, jelly type part further irritates nerves in the nearby area and cause severe pain. The condition of a herniated disk can lead to weakness or numbness in the one or both limbs.

What are the symptoms of Herniated disk?

The symptoms of herniated disk includes
· Weakness
· Tingling and numbness
· pain
What are the causes of herniated disks?
The major cause of herniated disk is wear and tear. The condition occurred by performing any certain movement of the disk repetitively over the time. Spinal disks lose their water content with the age and this decrease in the disk fluid makes disks less supple, and more liable to split.

What are the risk factors for herniated disks?

Herniated disks can occur at any stage but it is common in the people in their 20s and 30s. Certain factors may increase the possibility of occurring herniated disk, such as
· genetics
· weight
· jobs that need physical work such as pulling, pushing or twisting

How to diagnosis Herniated disks?

Herniated disks can be diagnosed by taking a physical examination for checking muscle strength, reflexes, motion range, and ability to walk, re-growth of tender regions, and touch sensitivity of the patient. Other tests such as MRI, CT scan, discogram, and myelogram are supported to understand problem severity. Kasturi multispecialty hospital, Hyderabad provides all the medical facilities to treat herniated disks.

What are the treatment options for herniated disks?

Treatment options for herniated disks are
1. over the counter medication such as ibuprofen, or naproxen based drugs
2. never pain medications such as duloxetine, gabapentin, amitriptyline
3. Narcotics such as an oxycodone-acetaminophen combination or codeine
4. Cortisone injections
5. Epidural Injections
6. Muscle relaxants
1. Ice or heat treatment therapy
2. Ultrasound therapy
3. Traction
4. Short term bracing to improve support
5. Electrotherapy
· Surgery
· Artificial disk replacement

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