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Date : 17/10/17

Date : 06/03/18

Are you suffering from severe Hip Pain??? Hip Joint Replacement is a Surgical Procedure to Remove Damaged Joint and Repla

Knee Replacement - Relief from Pain

Pain and diseases affects the overall quality of life, not just yours but the family´┐Żs as well. Knee disorders can be caused due to injuries by accident, diseases of knee, obesity and lack of physical activity, wear and tear due to age and so on.


Osteoarthritis of Knee

Osteoarthritis is a joint disease caused by underlying bone and breakdown of joint cartilage. Stiffness and joint pain are the common symptoms of it. Unlike other arthritis, it does not affect other body organs.


Shoulder Replacement Surgery in Hyderabad

Shoulders are the most flexible joint in the entire human body. Shoulder joint is composed with humerus, scapula, and the clavicle. Shoulder problems can be caused by many reasons. Shoulder pain can be happen to men, women and even children. It occur in people of all races.


Joint Replacement Surgery Hyderabad

Joint Replacement surgery is the best option for replacing the damaged bone and placing new one. The artificial Joint can be made of metal pieces, ceramic devices or with plastics are known as prosthesis. easily movable and healthy joints are resulting by the prosthesis design.



Knee pain, the orthopaedic disease that affects our whole life with strong pain and suppress our life in a chair or a bed. Mainly it affects the age after 60s. If it is due to our joints, very tough to recover. We cant stand, we cant walk, we cant run because of heavy pain. Always we need help from others.


Osteoporosis Treatment at Telangana

Most people think bones are lifeless and doesn’t grow. But the truth is that bones have life and are growing as we age. They are living tissues made up of three major components like collagen, calcium and living bone cells which makes them flexible and strong.